Impact Water is a commercially-proven and scalable social business that delivers sustainable, safe water to developing country institutions, such as schools and health facilities.  We do this via the sale, installation and maintenance of high-performance, water purification systems which use established technologies (such as ultrafiltration and UV treatment) and perform effectively for decades with relatively simple, scheduled preventive maintenance.

Impact Water offers credit services to allow customers to pay for their systems over time, typically between one and two years. Installment payments are timed with the unique cash flows of customers. For example, a school will pay Impact Water three times per year scheduled at the beginning of each school term.  This is game-changing for schools, not only because our credit services do not require collateral[i] (which schools rarely have to offer) but also because the payment cycle is so much more manageable compared to monthly payments (most schools have extremely limited financial resources).

Every Impact Water sale includes the cost of delivery, installation and two years of preventive maintenance.  After two years, schools can purchase additional two-year maintenance plans from Impact Water at very affordable prices. 

Impact Water’s business model actively addresses the key barriers to the uptake of institutional water purification technologies found in most developing countries. These being: lack of credit/financing, low product awareness, insufficient product/system maintenance and generally weak distribution.


[i] Impact Water owns the system until it is 100% paid in lieu of collateral which is not commonly available and if it Impact Water, would be very costly to underwrite and enforce