Our mission is to increase access to safe water, with an initial focus on schools and health facilities, through the provision of high quality safe water technologies and long term maintenance and repair of these technologies.



We use our talent and resources to create positive and measurable social impact at scale. We’re committed to creating reliable and easy access to safe drinking water for millions of students around the world.


We innovate, adapt, and pursue new ideas and approaches constantly in support of our mission. We’d rather experiment and fail early and course correct, than not take risks. We encourage imagination and resourcefulness.


We believe outcomes should be rewarded and see positive social and business benefits to incentivizing results via performance-based compensation. We strive to incorporate pay-for-performance dimensions wherever possible.


As a social business, we are steadfast in our commitment to integrity in all that we do. Honest feedback, honest reporting and ethical and responsible business behavior is fundamental to our identity and the business we aspire to be. We have a zero-tolerance policy for fraud.


We see potential everywhere and believe all of us can help each other to become better people, better communities and a better planet. We believe in dignity and are committed to creating conditions which support it, everywhere and always.