Every child has the right to a safe and healthy learning environment

The Challenge


Every year children lose 272 million school days due to diarrhea, a leading cause of mortality and morbidity that is commonly water-related. It is estimated that 40% of diarrheal cases are attributable to transmission in schools rather than homes. In Kenya most schools rely on piped or borehole water which is not safe and this undermines student health and education.


Many schools that treat their water use firewood stoves to bring water to a boil. The time and fuel cost of boiling sufficient water for the entire school population is significant, leading schools to not treat sufficient amounts of water.


Kenya schools can consume as much as 38 tonnes of firewood per year just to boil water for their students. With over 40,000 schools in the country and one of the world’s fastest growing populations, alternative water treatment solutions are urgently needed, not only to address demand but to help protect Kenya’s already threatened forests.


The Solution...

Despite significant advances in water access globally, most water is not reliably safe for human consumption and this is a fact that Kenya schools know all too well. With fast-growing student populations, schools need reliable and affordable ways to make their water safe at the point-of-consumption. Enter Impact Water.

Impact Water sells, installs and maintains environmentally-friendly water purification systems to schools on low cost, multi-year credit terms. This helps schools to avoid burning firewood for boiling water and therefore offsets CO2 emissions while reducing medical costs for the families by avoiding waterborne diseases. Improved student health enables students, and their teachers, to better focus on their education and their futures.

And because Impact Water is technology neutral, it can offer a combination of products to schools to choose from which best meet their needs while ensuring adequate microbiological drinking water standards.

Meet our KENYA Team 

Mark Turgesen   Country Director

Mark Turgesen

Country Director