Results to Date

Over 1200 water purification systems have been sold to developing country schools since the business launched in Uganda October 2014, benefiting over 600,000 students. 

Inception to date payback rates have been strong, with 92% payback rate overall and less than one third paying late by greater than one school term. Systems are inspected by Impact Water staff twice a year, and component parts replaced when needed.

To date, there have been few issues with all systems operating successfully throughout the year, with a minimal downtime (one-two school days) per year per school.  Repair requests are currently satisfied within two-three days, and the business is investing in this area presently to reduce that to one day by year end.


By the end of 2017, Impact Water expects to have sold to over 5,000 developing country schools, benefitting 2.5 million students and to double this sales volume in 2018, pushing total sales by year end to 10,000 schools, benefiting over 5 million students. By 2020, Impact Water expects to be in 12 countries with a projected 15-20,000 annual system sales and to create over 7.5 million new beneficiaries per annum. 

It’s an ambitious plan but one Impact Water believes is achievable given its unique value proposition and the size of the developing country school market alone (not to mention other viable segments including health facilities, religious and community institutions, workplaces, government buildings, restaurants and hotels). In looking at the size of the school market in Africa alone, there are over 600,000 public schools and about 150,000 private schools.